About Us

Whats NewStar” started in August 2014. “Whats NewStar” is focused on the preparation of information and analytical materials, coverage of current events in politics, economy, society and culture, publishes interviews, prepares press reviews, and actively participates in communication with readers. “Whats NewStar” stands for universal values of humanism, peace, democracy, social progress and human rights.

The project is realized with the direct participation and using the resources of the International Center for Advanced Studies one of the leading analytical centers of the United States, the idea of “Whats NewStar” is the synergy of the potential of journalists and analysts.

All rights reserved. The publication of the materials “Whats NewStar” is allowed only with the direct link to the site. For online publications, it is mandatory to place a direct link, open to search engines, at least the second paragraph for a specific news item or article.