Nagpur, Maharashtra: 75 percent damage to the skull of a young man with mucormycosis. Taking responsibility for the reconstruction of his skull, this major surgery was successfully performed in Nagpur.


A 30-year-old man suffered 75 percent damage to his skull due to mucormycosis. The skull was surgically removed. The face became disfigured. There was a risk of direct brain injury. The problem was the reconstruction of such a large skull. The youth of Nagpur took responsibility for this. He worked hard to make it with the help of titanium metal. The successful transplant by the doctor saved the young man’s life. This is said to be the first time in India that an artificial skull of such a large size has been made and transplanted.

The young man, originally from Kerala, was diagnosed with mucormycosis (black fungus) in 2020. Unfortunately, the black fungus spread widely on the skull until it was diagnosed. He underwent major surgery at VPS Lakeshore Hospital in Kochi, Kerala to prevent the further spread of the fungus. About 75% of the skull was removed. He was treated for a long time. The face was disfigured due to a lack of a skull. The young man’s confidence plummeted. The brain was at risk. He decided to make an artificial skull and implant it. But it was doubtful that an artificial skull could be made in such a large size. But Lucid Implant, a Nagpur-based company, showed readiness. He created a cranial implant, a prosthetic skull, of titanium metal, based on 3D printing. Senior Neurosurgeon of VPS Lakeshore Hospital, Dr. Arun Oman, and Neurosurgeon Sudish Karunakaran operated on her for three hours straight. This surgery is called ‘cranioplasty’. The patient was recently discharged from the hospital after treatment.



Image Credit: Lokmat.com