Summer Soybean Sowing Record; Read More

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra: For the first time in the summer season, soybean cultivation successfully experimented and it was also successful. As a result, the area under sowing has increased and soybean has flourished.


So the worries of future seed farmers have been allayed. Due to the changing climate and rains, soybeans were severely damaged even during the Kharif season.

Therefore, the farmers decided to make up for the losses incurred during the Kharif season during the rabi season. This was made possible by the abundance of water.

Summer soybeans have allayed farmers’ concerns over Kharif seeds. Farmers have now become self-sufficient in the field of seeds and the awareness created by the Department of Agriculture has come in handy for the farmers.

Farmers will have to check whether the seed is certified before using it. This year the farmer has changed the cropping pattern of the summer season.


Emphasis is placed on soybeans and grams. Despite the favorable climate and abundant water, soybeans do not germinate like in Kharif season. But the problem of future seeds of farmers has been solved.

District Agriculture Superintendent Dattatraya Gavasane said that this is the first time that farmers have done this experiment and some mistakes have been made.

The farmer hopes that soybean will bring a good day.