Sierra Nevada and Dynetics Join Hands for A Moon Lander Program

Sierra Nevada and Dynetics Join Hands for A Moon Lander Program

Dynetics, an Alabama-primarily based firm with broad expertise as a provider of aerospace elements and techniques, is in search of a serious position in NASA’s Artemis moon projects with a plan for a human-made lunar lander developed in partnership with Sierra Nevada Corp. and different corporations.

Sierra Nevada officers disclosed the proposal from the Dynetics-led lunar lander group final week, and a Dynetics spokesperson confirmed Monday the corporation presented a proposal last year to NASA for funding to reveal a crewed spacecraft to ferry astronauts to and from the moon’s floor.

Dynetics additionally launched an artist’s illustration Monday of the corporation’s human-rated lunar lander idea. The artist’s illustration seems to point out a big pressurized compartment, two massive propellant tanks, and energy-producing solar panels extending vertically from the lander. Hendrix confirmed SNC is among the firms supporting the Dynetics HLS proposal. She mentioned Dynetics wouldn’t talk about particulars of the HLS idea throughout an energetic procurement.

In May 2019, NASA unfolded greater than $45 million in funding to 11 corporations by means of the area company’s Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships, or NextSTEP, a program for research and prototyping of lunar lander components. NASA granted funding to Dynetics for one descent ingredient research and five descent factor prototypes, and SNC obtained funding for research of descent, switch and refueling parts, and descent and switch car prototypes.

Sierra Nevada’s largest area mission is the Dream Chaser, an area airplane initially conceived to hold crews into orbit, and now in improvement to resupply the International Space Station below contract to NASA. The corporation can also be working by itself robotic business lunar lander and has developed a prototype for an in-space inflatable habitat. NASA added SNC to a roster of firms in November, competing for contracts to ship science payloads and cargo to the moon’s surface.

Trade sources say SpaceX additionally expressed curiosity in proposing a lander to NASA underneath the company’s Human Landing System procurement. SpaceX is engaged on a next-generation vehicle named Starship it says can land cargo and crews on the moon and different planetary surfaces; however, the firm has not disclosed any particulars about what idea it might have proposed to NASA, or whether or not it submitted a proposal in any respect.