Retirement: the Government analyzes the extension of the moratorium for women

Faced with the demand of organizations of retirees and housewives, and even more in an election year, the Government is considering extending the deadline to accept the moratorium for women between 60 and 65 years.

That moratorium expires on July 23, but Law 27,260, in article 22, contemplates the possibility that it may be extended for another 3 years. Thus, with a simple decree, the Executive Power could take that measure.

Is that if the measure is not extended, women between those ages, who have less than 30 years of contributions, can not retire. And they must wait until they are 65 years old to access the PUAM (Universal Pension for the Elderly). And in that case they will charge an equivalent to 80% of the minimum amount (today $ 8,328), regardless of the number of years contributed to the system.

Meanwhile, a similar plan for men, established in the decree that regulated the Historical Reparation in 2016, has expired.

To retire, women need to have 60 years and 30 years of services with contributions. However, due to the high level of informality, especially among women (case of Domestic Workers, with 70% of employment “in black”), the moratorium -law 26,970- allows the regularization of the lack of contributions from 18 years (completed in 1977) until the regularization deadline -31 December 2003-.

From this it follows that, to access this scheme, women can regularize up to 26 or 27 years and have at least 3 or 4 years of contributions after 2003, completing the required 30 years. The more months of contributions before and after 2003 they have made, the fewer years they will need to justify through the moratorium.

To adhere to this moratorium the woman must be at least 60 years old before July 23. It is not possible to regularize contributions before July 23 to retire after that date for not having the age or years of contributions after 2003.

Once the process has begun, ANSeS calculates the debt for the months and years of contributions that will be regularized through the moratorium and will be deducted from the pension that the retired woman will receive – the minimum today is $ 10,410. For example, with 60 years and with 3 years of contributions after 2003 (27 years of regularization) you will be discounted at today’s values ​​of $ 470 per month, adjustable for mobility, for 60 months.

In all cases, a condition for ANSeS to accept regularization is to overcome the “socio-economic vulnerability analysis” that includes basically parameters of income and assets, such as auto or real estate.

Another moratorium (law 24,476) -of permanent nature- is also in force, both for women and men, with at least 9 years of contributions after 1993. It is also a condition to pass the socio-economic evaluation.

The procedure in ANSeS is free. Those interested can approach the Offices at any time or call * 130 “, informs ANSeS.

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