Researchers Have Designed Robot Snake That Can Move Through Blood Vessels in Brain

Researchers Have Designed Robot Snake That Can Move Through Blood Vessels in Brain

Researchers have designed a snake robot that’s designed to crawl via the blood vessels in your brain. That’s researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed this robot.

The steerable, magnetically managed threadlike robotic is meant to slide by way of the advanced vasculature of the human brain. The aim is to create a brand new tool that could be utilized by doctors to transmit clot-reducing therapies to patients who have suffered from aneurysms or strokes. Currently, that is done using a catheter which is manually threaded by a surgeon, with the assistance of a guidewire. Finding a manner to do that more effectively may assist save lives, whereas also reducing the physical strain on surgeons, along with decreasing their exposure to X-ray imaging tool fluoroscopy.

The analysis combines earlier MIT work involving soft water-based hydrogen and 3D-printed materials managed by magnetism. The soft snake-like robot has a nickel-titanium alloy at its center, which is each springy and flexible. The wire is coated with an infusion of the rubbery paste, embedded with particles to offer it its magnetic properties.

The staff has demonstrated how the robotic thread may be managed using a big magnet to steer it by an obstruction course of tiny rings. That is described as being much like guiding a thread by way of the eye of a needle. They have also examined in on a life-size silicone replica of the brain’s major blood vessels. This recreation of an actual brain was modeled on CT scans of a precise patient’s brain. To simulate the presence of blood, it was filled with a liquid of comparable viscosity.

The project was funded partly by the Office of Naval Research, the MIT Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, and the National Science Foundation (NSF).