Incorporating Spirituality Could Be The Key To The Business

Incorporating Spirituality Could Be The Key To The Business

Oprah Winfrey speaks openly about her daily spiritual practice—including starting the day with thoughts of gratitude. Arianna Huffington sets plans for the day and meditates for 30 minutes. And Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe has built a multimillion-dollar app based on his Buddhist meditation.

Spirituality broadly means surrendering a certain amount of responsibility for your own life and believing that there is something bigger at play. It is the belief that you are guided at least in part by a higher power. But it doesn’t expect you to follow a specific religion, just to be open-minded about life beyond earth.

Sometimes, we don’t even realize we’re following a spiritual path because it’s so ingrained in our culture. For example, the horoscopes we might read in the newspaper on our commute to work and take comfort in because we’ve been told we’re going to have a great day or that good fortune is coming our way.

We have found ourselves following a handful of spiritual practices within our own business: setting positive statements as reminders in our phone that appear and remind us we are on track—eg. “money is coming your way.” Also, listing everything we are grateful for. And more recently, we found a box of fairy oracle cards, which—like tarot cards—some people believe that it can be used to predict the future.

We are not sure, we believe in a higher power but pulling out a fairy card with the title “financial flow” that says money is coming on the way that gives us hope. It makes us feel positive. And that, in turn, affects how we operate in business. We might be more open to offers, risks and feel worthy of our success.

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