For Rewards And Runestones, We Need To Complete Wizarding Challenges

For Rewards And Runestones, We Need To Complete Wizarding Challenges

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fortresses are where you and your fellow wizards can complete Wizarding Challenges for experience and rewards. Think Raids from Pokémon Go, but with werewolves.

Wizarding Challenges allow you to spend all those Runestones you’ve been receiving from leveling up the Family Ranks in the Registry.

Fortresses are also where the teamwork element of Wizards Unite comes into play, where four other wizards can join you for additional Wizarding Challenge rewards.

Fortresses are the large, red-roofed, castles that can be found scattered across the map. Inside each Fortress, you will find a number of Chambers where you can complete Wizarding Challenges. You will only have access to one Chamber when you first visit a Fortress, but, by defeating challenges, you will unlock new, tougher, Chambers and far greater rewards.

Wizarding Challenges are a series of battles all set to a ticking clock. Both the number of enemies you have to defeat and the timer can be found at the top of the Arena screen. Defeat your foes before the timer runs out and you’ll be rewarded. If you fail, then you will be leaving empty-handed and without some of your precious Spell Energy.

You can either tackle Fortresses as part of a team of wizards or you can fly solo. Unlike Potions and Professions, there is currently no level requirement for Fortresses (though later Chambers do require higher levels) just make sure you have enough Spell Energy, especially if you’re going it alone.

You may occasionally come across a Fortress surrounded by a swirling green aura on your travels. Fortresses with this green glow have active Wizarding Challenges taking place in them. Joining in will allow you to fight alongside other players and receive an Experience bonus for fighting as part of a team.

Whether playing as a team or alone, you’ll want to try and complete a Wizarding Challenge every day, as it’s one of the Daily Assignment tasks – which, then all completed, earns you free Gold, Wizard Unite’s in-game currency.

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