Asteroid Deflection Mission May Outline By Queen’s Brian

Asteroid Deflection Mission Outline By Queen’s Brian May

A famous astrophysicist (and guitar player) tells all about an enthusiastic mission to save humanity from asteroids, should one ever threaten Earth.

Brian May — lead guitarist and a songwriter with the band Queen — recently discussed the European Space Agency mission Hera in a new video. Hera — along with a NASA mission called the Double Asteroid Redirect Test (DART), will both visit a double asteroid called Didymos.

“Imagine a mountain in the sky, with another rock about the size of the Great Pyramid swinging around it,” May said in the video. “That’s Didymos. Just the seemingly tiny world is big enough to destroy a city.”

Meanwhile, two rockets are examining asteroids up close right now. NASA’s OSIRIS-REx (Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer) is revolving asteroid Bennu, while the Japanese rocket Hayabusa2 is at asteroid Ryugu. Both spacecraft are expected to bring samples back to Earth for further analysis.

Animations showed the spacecraft zooming by Didymos and its moon, which is temporarily called Didymos B until the International Astronomical Union decides on a name. May said the mission would be “really, really hard,” because the goal is for DART to deflect the moon — to change its path in space, which no other mission has ever done before.

The plan calls for DART to launch in 2021, then slam into the moon in September 2022 at more than 13,320 mph (21,440 km/h). Ground telescopes will monitor how much DART changes the orbit of the moon so scientists can compare with their estimates.

Hera will follow, launching in 2024 and coming in 2026, to check the impact crater DART leaves behind. The mission would also deploy a couple of small CubeSats that will approach the asteroid and eventually land on the surface.

“The scale of this experiment is huge. One day these results could be crucial for saving our planet,” May said. “If an asteroid ever poses a real threat to Earth, we’ll be ready.”

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